• Provision of new water resources for rural areas Zalugiin Gol and Ulaan Tolgoi in larger area of Erdenet city, Mongolia (ongoing project)

  • Technical support of Vietnam in utilization of country mineral resources (2010)
  • Technical and technological support in removing of ekological loads arising from illegal mining in the central part of Mongolia (2010)
  • Risk analysis and mitigation of impacts resulting from bursting of Alpine lake dams in Kyrgyzstan (2010)

  • Geological survey of industrial zone in Hargia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2010)
  • Renewal of crop production within semi-arid areas of northern Gobi in Mongolia (2009)
  • Assessment of stability of morainic dam of Petrova lake near gold deposit Kumtor in Kyrgyzstan (2009)
  • Hydrogeological audit of ground-water reserves Bolor Us, Mongolia – I. stage (2008), II. stage (2010)
  • Reconstruction and provision of new water resources in semi-arid areas of Sukhbaatar province in Mongolia (2009)
  • Drinking water supply of Erdenet city and its surroundings, Mongolia (2009)
  • Merkurimetric measurements in industrial zone of OHIS Skopje company, Macedonia – part of project (2009) 

  • Assessment of environmental risks arising from mercury contamination after the gold deposits mining within the Selenge river catchment area (2008)

  • Re-evaluation of ore reserves and proposal of new treatment technology at gold placers within catch basin of Baydrag gol river and at placer gold deposit Uyanga, Mongolia (2007)

  • Sustainable development and management of water resources and desertification combat within Dornogobi province in southeastern Mongolia (2006)
  • Monitoring of Alpine glacial lakes and protection of local population against catastrophic outcomes of floods arising from bursting of moraine dams (2006)
  • Geoenvironmental exploration and estimation of ekological loads and risks in surroundings of exploitation – treatment complexes (2006)

  • Ekological audit of exloited Cu – Mo ore deposit Erdenet, Mongolia (2005)

  • Environmental assessment of Fergana basin in Uzbekistan, protection and management of water resources (2004)
  • Geological and geochemical mapping of Trans Altai Gobi on the scale of 1 : 200 000, Mongolia (2004)

  • Geochemical mapping of Yazd-Sabzevaran Area, Iran (2001)

  • Provision of water resources for selected soums in central Mongolia (1998)
  • Ekological investigation and risk analysis at former military basis Baganuur (1998)
  • Actual ecological problems of Ulaanbaatar (1998)
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