• Assessment of elevated mercury and other metals contents within the Flysh Belt in the area Otrokovice – Uherský Brod – Starý Hrozenkov cities (2010)
  • Geoenvironmental assessment of high cadmium and beryllium contents within the drinking water resource area in surroundings of Králický Sněžník Mt. (2010)
  • Study of temporal changes of element contents within bottom sediments in the area Kolín – Hradec Králové – Slatiňany – Kutná Hora cities (2010)
  • Survey for distribution of 137Cs and next selected radionuclides within surface layer in the area Říčany-Přelouč-Pelhřimov-Bechyně-Milevsko cities (2009)
  • GEOCHEM – Research of natural geochemical and remediation processes and their use in remediation after the mineral exploitation (2007)
  • Tracing of overlimit concentrations of inorganic substances of natural origin within rocks and products of their weathering (2007)
  • Sources of high mercury contents within Novojičínsko area and assessment of it‘s input into food chain (2007)
  • Regularities of beryllium distribution in rock environment of Kralický Sněžník Mt. (2005)
  • Investigation of cesium and next selected radionuclides and meallic elements within the area of Kralický Sněžník Mt. - Orlické hory Mts. (2005)
  • Outer Flysh Belt of Western Carpathians – evaluation of the geological structure and raw material and enviromental aspects (2004)

Integrated geochemical databases (2004)

Research of dam reservoir, water basin and lake sediments, progress reports:

  • Characteristics of surroundings of water basin Vrchlice using heavy mineral concentrates (2002)
  • Characteristics of surroundings of Brno dam reservoir using heavy mineral concentrates (2003)
  • Characteristics of surroundings of Dalešice water basin and Jordán pond using heavy mineral concentrates (2004)


Geochemistry of flood sediments (2003), progress reports:

  • Detailed geochemical mapping of Cd, Hg contamination in Karviná, Frýdek-Místek and Ostrava counties
  • Exploration of contamination by heavy metals (mostly Cd and Zn) in the Bohumín city area in Olomoucko region
  • Tracing of mercury contamination of soils in Nový Jičín county


Geochemical mapping of Šumperk county (2003)

Creation of databasis „Geochemical investigation in the Czech Republic“ (2003)

Regional heavy mineral prospecting (1994 –1998):

  • subproject No. III, Českomoravská vrchovina upland, progress report No. I Flysh (1994)
  • subproject No. IV, Determinated areas, progress report No. V, Orlické hory Mts.(1995)
  • subproject No.VII, Krušné hory - Slavkovský les (1997)
  • subproject No. IX, Measurements of radioactivity of heavy mineral concentrates (2003)
  • subproject No.VI Jizerské hory Mts. (1998)
  • subproject No. XI – 1. fáze: Completion of sampling in Creatceous and Neogene basins,
  • subproject No. XII – Chart of results of heavy mineral prospecting within Cretaceous and Neogene basins into map 1: 50 000 and 1: 200 000 (1999), subreport No. XI – 2. stage: Atlas of heavy mineral concentrates of the Czech Republic, 1:500 000 (2001)
  • subproject No. X, Transporting force of flood 1997 in the light of heavy minerals collected from alluvial sediments of Morava river (1998)
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