In the past, GEOMIN staff members took part in a number of expeditions abroad, particularly focusing on the geological mapping, prospecting and exploration of deposits of mineral resources.

At present, emphasis is laid on the projects within the Czech Republic´s foreign development assistance programmes.

Here we were working:




Since 1997, GEOMIN has executed several significant projects of geological and geochemical mapping, environmental assessment projects and hydrogeological investigations.

Providing of new water resources for country areas Zalugiin Gol and Ulaan Tolgoi within larger surroundings of Erdenet city, Mongolia (2010 – 2012)

  • The development goal of project is to ameliorate life conditions of habitants living in the Zalugiin Gol and Ulaan Tolgoi areas near Erdenet city by deepening of new water wells – deep boreholes - and thus to contribute to the diminuation of habitants migration from this area to the province center. Part of project is compilation of water economy budget of territory and elaboration of water management plan of Orkhon province (aomag) and its center Erdenet.

Revision of Underground Exploitation and Beneficiation of Wolframite Ores at Khovd Gol Ore Deposit in Western Mongolia(2011)

  • The aim of the project was revision of the present state of mining and beneficiation capacities at Khovd Gol wolframite deposit in western Mongolia. Re-evaluation of current ore reserves together with revision of ore grades of tailings have been performed in the frame of this project. Preliminary study of redevelopment of aproach to underground mining and project of construction of new gravity beneficiation plant have been also elaborated.

Technical and technological assistance in remediation of ecological loads arising from illegal gold mining within central part of Mongolia (2008 - 2010)

Environmental research and reclamation of ecological loads – tailings after artisanal gold mining. Partial project outputs are as follows:
  • Accounting of dangerous mining tailings in Bayankhongor aimak,
  • Geoenvironmental investigation of old loads after mining within somans Baruunkharaa, Bornuur, Jargalant, Mandal, Sharyn Gol and Sumber,
  • Reclamation and revitalization of Boroo locality,
  • Operation of decontamination plant in Technology center in Bortolgoi city,
  • Project of Technology center in soman Mandal.
Geological survey of industrial zone Hargia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2010)
  • Drilling, hydrogeological and sampling work have been carried out in the frame of this project in order to specify intensity and extent of pollution of hydrosphere and geological environment caused by raw hides treatment factory (contamination mainly by metals, organic substances and oil products). Expoloration have been carried out in industrial zone of Ulaanbaatar on the banks of Tuul river. Indication and permanent monitoring wells have been deepened, hydrodynamics tests caried out and numerous samples taken of underground waters, soils and building constructions for chemical analysis. Geological structure of studied area have been characterized on the basis of gathered results. Project represents delivery for DECONTA a.s. company.
Hydrogeological audit of underground water reserves Bolor Us, Mongolia – I. stage (2008), II. stage (2010)
  • Evaluation of reserves of underground water in fore-land of extended tailings pond after Cu and Mo ore treatment at Erdenet deposit. Evaluation of stability conditions of tailing pond dam in dependence on underground water pumping.
Revival of plant production in semidesert areas of northern Gobi in Mongolia (2006 - 2009)
  • Project represents delivery for Mendel University in Brno. The main task of hydrogeologists from GEOMIN company was to ensure water resources for irrigation systems in locality, where small plant production is carried on. Comprehensive hydrogeological and geophysical investigation survey have been carried out followed by deepening of new wells and their capacity verification by pumping tests. New water resources have been embodied into the system of irrigation of cultivated areas. Geological and hydrogeological work performed in the locality enabled to specify its geological structure, aquifer and complete evaluation of possibilities of use.
  • In the frame of new water resources construction and putting into operation the specialists of GEOMIN company ensured subseqent management and optimization of using of individual types of irrigation systems applied in locality.
Renewal and provision of water resources in semidesert areas of Sukhbaatar province in Mongolia (2007 - 2009)
  • The main target of project is to reduce participation of man and impact of his activity in desertic and semi-desertic areas of Suchbaatar province on ingoing process of desertification and to help to maintain traditional extensive forms of agriculture in sustainable extent. As contemplation was also ensuring of life conditions and development of county centers by improvement of drinking water supply. Project followed by its subject and location previous peoject „Sustainable development of water economy and and water resources management and desertification combat in Dornogobi region within south-east part of Mongolia“, carried out in years 2003 - 2006. New water resources have been prospected with help of geological and hydrogeological mapping, remote sensing and geophysical measurements. Drilling work, hydrodynamical tests, chemical analyses, construction of overground objects of water resources and their technical equipment have been carried out under the supervision of GEOMIN company specialists. The most important project output represent new and renewed water resources. Resources have been completly constructed so that target groups can use it without any next investments.Water treatment plant have been installed at three new water resources, located in county centers (Czech water tratment plants produced by W.P.E Běchovice company). After handing over of plant its provider was established and trained in handling, maintenance and protection. The same in the case of water treatment plants.
Supply of Erdenet city and its surroundings by drinking water (2006 – 2009)
  • The aim of this development project was to built new wells – deep boreholes – for the needs of supply of slums, herdsmen and their herds and boors by drinking and service water. Compilation of hydrogeological map of Erdenet city and its larger surroundings, engineering economy study of water supply of city and GIS as well as creation of databasis of all water resources in Orkhon aimak belong also to the project.
Assessment of environmental dangers caused by mercury contamination during exploitation of mineral deposits in the river Selenge catchment (2006 - 2008)
  • The intent of project was identification and assessment of environmental risks resulting from tailings arising from illegal artisanal mining of gold deposits and ore dressing with the use of mercury and cyanides. Part of project represents research of soil and underground and surface waters contamination by mercury in egions with developed mining. The main project target is to implement long-term monitoring of manner of mining and ore dressing of placer gold deposits and to contribute to the improvement of environment protection within Selenge river catchement.
Reassessment of ore reserves and proposal of treatment technology at gold placers in catchment of Baydrag gol river and at gold placer Uyanga, Mongolia (2007)
  • Carrying out of geological survey and reassessment of raw material reserves of the important placer gold deposits within central Mongolia, recommendation of exploitation method and proposal of optimal implementation of health harmless gravitational technology.
Sustainable development and management of water sources and combatting desertification in Dornogobi region in the south-east part of Mongolia (2003-2006)
  • Hydrogeological evaluation, reconstruction of damaged shallow wells and identification of new deep water sources in Dornogobi region in south-east Mongolia.
Environmental audit of porphyry copper deposit Erdenet, Mongolia. (2003 - 2005)
  • Assessment of impacts of Cu-Mo ores mining and processing procedures in Erdenet mine.
Geological and geochemical mapping of Transaltai Gobi on a scale of 1 : 200 000 (1999 - 2003)
  • Evaluation of basic regional information on the setting and geological development of this area. The work included carrying out of geochemical prospecting in the given area and prognostic evaluation of the region from the viewpoint of expected occurrences of ore deposits. Geological works were performed in the south-west part of Mongolia close to the border with the People´s Republic of China at an area of approx. 36 000 km2.
Environmental investigation and risk assessment at the former Baganuur military base (1998)
  • Identification and investigation of old environmental burdens in the area of abandoned Baganuur military base and identification of environmental risks resulting from the finished activities of Soviet army.
Actual ekological problems in Ulaanbaatar (1998)
  • Attending to environmental themes on the territory of the capital of Ulaanbaatar
Identification and installation of new water sources for selected districts of central Mongolia (1998)
  • Identification and installation of new water sources in the centres of Chandmani and Erdene and Sangijn Dalaj districts in the municipalities of Talshand and Sangijn Dalaj in south-west Mongolia.


Technical Report on the Gold Exploration Potential at the Nachingwea Project, PL 9504/2013, southern Tanzania(2014)
  • Promising ore-bearing structures with occurrences of gold mineralization have been assessed in the frame of project of preliminary survey covering surface of 100 km2 in teritory of prospecting licence PL 9504/2013 located in the region north of Nachingwea city. The main goal of project was to assess expected reserves of Au ore in quartz veins exploited within central part of licence by means of underground inclined shafts.

Ikungu Gold Project, Nachingwea District, South Tanzania – Preliminary Small-scale Mining Study (2013)
  • The aim of study was to propose technical solution of reconstruction of underground opening and mining of Ikungu deposit including proposal of effective small-scale beneficiation plant of gold ore using gravitation methods and cyanide leaching.

Technical Report on Field Reconnaissance of Mkuvia Alluvial Gold Deposit in Nachingwea District, south Tanzania(2012)
  • Mineral potential and possibilities of opening of industrial exploitation of gold from alluvial sediments at Mkuvia locality in southern Tanzania were assessed.

Verification of Gold-bearing Mineralization at the Exploration License HQ-P24445 in the Location of Ngasamo in Tanzania (2012)
  • The aim of prospecting was to verify western continuation of gold-bearing ore structures at historical ore deposit Ngasamo using geochemical prospecting, geophysical measurements and light technical workings.

Report on Field Investigation of Selected Prospecting Licenses in the Area of Lake Victoria Goldfields, Tanzania (2012)
  • The aim of project was evaluation of prospecting potential of occurrence of gold bearing ores at selected areas of prospecting licences in northern Tanzania, located within region of mined ore deposits Mara and Geita Goldfields.


Monitoring of alpine glacial lakes in Kyrgyzstan (2004-2010)

  • The aim of work is to evaluate changes in the dynamics of glaciation of alpine areas in dependence on warming of Earth atmosphere, monitor the consequences of these changes and assess the stability of moraine dams.
Geoenvironmental investigation of burdens in the surroundings of mining and processing plants in Kyrgyzstan (2004-2006)
  • The aim of the project is to assess environmental risks posed by insecure waste and contamination after the mining and processing of radioactive raw materials and base metal ores in Kyrgyzstan.


  • Arrangement of workshop in the frame of Aid for Trade programme, intended for Vietnamese specialists and focussed into the presentation of complete uranium cycle – prospecting for, exploitation, ore dressing and mitigation of its impact, using in nuclear energetics and disposal of radioactive wastes including legislation background. (2010)


Environmental research and feature of ecological loads within Outer Flysh Belt of West Carpathians: area Jablunkovská furrow (ČR) – Kysucké Beskydy Mts. (SR) (2007-2010)

  • The project was intended for establishment of parameters, bearers and sources of element anomalies – pollutants (As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Zn, Sb, V and others) in delimitated area, next for setting up of descriptive models of element transport and migrations from anomalous zones into other environmental components and for assessment of possible risks for ecosystems and human health. The main output represents maps of elements distribution in stream sediments and soils (scale 1:100 000) covering area Jablunkov – Kysuce and along three regional profiles.

Assessment of elevated contents of mercury and other heavy metals within the flysh-belt in Otrokovice – Uherský Brod – Starý Hrozenkov area (2008-2010)

  • Project represents continuation of previous one. The aim of project was to define sources of anomalies of mercury and other pollutants - As, Pb, Zn, Cd, Sb within concerned area, to set up descriptive model of possible elements transport and migration from anomalous zones into the next components of environment and to assess degree of possible risks of pollutants input into food chaine.

Outer flysch zone of West Carpathian Mountains (2001 - 2004)

  • evaluation of geological setting, raw material and environmental aspects from the viewpoint of the interpretation of results of the study of heavy mineral concentrates.

All these three projects have been carried out in cooperation with State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr (ŠGÚDŠ) Bratislava, Slovak Republic.



  • preparation of project Environmental assessment of Fergana valley in Uzbekistan.



  • Prognostic evaluation of the received geochemical prospecting data from the area of south-east Iran (Baluchistan). Geochemical mapping of Yazd - Sabzevaran area, heavy-mineral and silt sampling together with gamma measurements at an area of over 80000 km2. Within this project, GEOMIN specialists participated in three fieldwork seasons and performed selected laboratory works.


Heavy-mineral and geochemical prospecting
  • Prognostic evaluation of Central Wollega area focused on occurrences of gold and base metals, followed by investigation of the selected promising area.


Expedition "Escambray III"
  • reinterpretation of regional geochemical data on a scale of 1:50000
  • regional and detailed geological mapping, investigation of deposit showings and deposits of base metals, copper and gold


Heavy-mineral and geochemical prospecting of Monapo ring structure
  • heavy-mineral and geochemical prospecting
  • prospecting for apatite, feldspar, magnetite and graphite deposits
 and other projects of investigation


  • Prospecting for and evaluation of placer deposits of gold bound to alluvial sediments of the Mekong River

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