Become a sponzor of Adygine research station!

The work and research program of Adygine station had been until the end of 2010 financed mainly from the budget of Czech-kyrgyz project “Risk assessment and mitigation of consequences of alpine lake outburst floods in Kyrgyzstan “ funded by Czech development cooperation program. Besides is partially co-financed by State geological agency of Kyrgyz Republic . After hand over the station to Kyrgyzstan in 2009, the ratio of co-financing from Kyrgyz party represented by Kyrgyz State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources involved in monitoring of hazardous natural events had been increasing.

The current work of the station has been financing exclusively by project funded from Kyrgyz state budget during last two years. However, the amount of funding is very low and is sufficient barely for common daily work. The improvement of facility, extension of research programme and purchase of equipment is impossible.

The problems with financing from part of Geological Agency have come to light fully at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Final break of financing is real threat! The station has been offered to the Ministry of Emergency whose part is also Kyrgyz Weather Service and to other Kyrgyz institutions but all of them face the same financial problems, albeit express the interest in maintenance of the station.

That´s why we ask all research institutions, national and international funds, official development donors and private enthusiasts for sponsorship. 

Endowment Fund Adygine

The Endowment Fund Adygine is a non-profit organization registered in Czech Republic . Its goal is to support the research of natural hazards in mountain areas as well as the research of glaciers, climate and mountain ecosystems in general. One of the main tasks of the Fund is financial and material support of the Adygine Resarch Station. For further information see special chapter of this web site.

Following sponsorship forms can be recognized:  

Non-interest financial sponsors  
Financial no-interest sponsors are sponsors who donate a monetary value to the station without having an interest in a particular project. The founding will be invested to the current work and development of the station. The sponsor will receive the certificate on sponsorship and will be informed about the purpose of his donation. He will be allowed to control the use of funding (technical documentation, photo documentation, reports on executed work, invoices, personal visit…).

Interest financial sponsors  

Financial interest sponsors are sponsors who donate a monetary value in exchange of gaining the interest in Adygine research program. They can join current programs or propose their own research project. The proposals will be assessed by Adygine research commitee and the level and form of co-financing will be agreed. The end results of financed research will be available for both (or all) participators. 

The help to the station is possible to execute in form of partnership or participation in projects supported by international organizations and national donors or by research grants as well. It that case, on the basis of agreement the finances will be budgeted for work of the station, rental of the station and the living of researchers.

Technical support sponsors  

Technical sponsors provide their donations in terms of free equipment needed to daily work or current research program of the station. 

Currently the replacement and renovation of research tools is necessary. Also the equipment of the station (for ex. Sleeping bags, technical equipment) and outdoor equipment for the crew will be highly appreciated.

The financial donations can be transferred to the bank accounts listed below:

229460910 CZK IBAN: CZ89 0300 0000 0002 2946 0910

229461016 EUR IBAN: CZ40 0300 0000 0002 2946 1016

229461040 USD IBAN: CZ71 0300 0000 0002 2946 1040


The donation details, project proposals and equipment requirements can be discussed by e-mail sent to the contact address of Adygine station or to personal e-mails: 

Michal Cerny:  adygine@seznam.cz jezera@seznam.cz (in English, Russian, Spanish, Czech) 

Sergey A. Erochin:  erochin@list.ru (in Russian) 

Or by mobile phone (Michal Cerny): +420 605107067

All sponsors will be presented in this web site with their addresses and amount and form of sponsorship. Their logo will be showed in annual report of work of Adygine Endowment Fund. 


All sponsors will be presented in this web site with their addresses and amount and form of sponsorship. Their logo will be showed in annual report of work of Adygine Endowment Fund. 

Free trip to the station including accommodation, guide and full service will be offered to the representatives of main sponsors. 



Even small donation is important for the station and is highly appreciated.