Information about the Adygine Endowment Found

Basic information

The Endowment fund has been established as the non-profit non-governmental organization. It is a legal entity registered in the register of funds at Regional Court in Brno, Czech Republic under the reference number N 338, from March 31st 2009. The organization is managed under the status designed according the Czech law.

The head office of the Fund is based in Jihlava, Czech Republic. The work of the Fund is managed by board of directors. The chairman of the board is Mr. Michal Cerny.

Address of the head office:

Nadacni Fond Adygine

Znojemska 78

586 01 Jihlava

Czech Republic

Phone: +420605107067 (Czech, English, Russian, Spanish)

E-mail: adygine

Territorial competence of the Fund

Endowment Fund Adygine has an international character and its activities are geographically and politically unlimited.

Membership in the Adygine Fund

Except of the founder, the member of the Fund can become any physical or legal entity on the basis of decision of board of directors and according the aims of the Fund.

Activities of the Endowment Fund

  1. The Endowment Fund collects the funds for the fulfilment of the aims to the Fund.
  2. The Endowment Fund will support the activities linked to the monitoring of the hazardous natural processes in the mountain environment.
  3. The Endowment Fund supports the work of the Adygine Research Station in Kyrgyz Tien-Shan.
  4. The Endowment Fund supports the international cooperation on research of mountain ecosystems and natural hazards.
  5. The Endowment Fund supports the participation of local and international experts and students at the conferences and workshops dealing with natural hazards, mountains (geography, glaciology, ecology, agriculture etc.), environment and climate.
  6. The Endowment Fund actively participates in organization of conferences, workshops, trainings, professional meetings and exhibitions.
  7. The Endowment Fund supports the editorial activities on promotion of work of the Fund and on public information about the topics related to the Fund focus.
  8. The Endowment Fund participates in the projects aimed at the research on natural hazards, mitigation of natural disasters and adaptation measures for mentioned topics. The projects can be focused on environmental issues, modelling of climate and hydrological regime, water resource management and agriculture as well. The Fund can apply for tenders for project announced by local and international organizations and donors and be the part of international consortiums.
  9. The Endowment Fund fulfils the activities of humanitarian character, especially aimed at the problems of natural disasters.

Resources of Adygine Endowment Fund

The funding for the aims listed above the Fund will gain from following resources:

  1. Endowments from national and international physical and legal entities including the governmental institutions.
  2. Grants and donations.
  3. Budget of projects financed by national and international organizations and donors.
  4. Proceeds from public collections.
  5. Incomes from its own activities.
  6. Proceeds from endowment assets.
  7. Other financial resources.
  8. The Endowment Fund can receive the non-financial donations as well (equipment, material, technical assistance, services etc.).

Entities which can be awarded by Fund resources:

  1. Research institutes.
  2. Educational institutes.
  3. Physical entities.
  4. Unincorporated associations, professional associations, non-governmental organizations.
  5. Other legal entities and associations about which decides the board of directors.