Help the research station Adygine! Work as volunteer!


The Adygine research station was built up within the framework of a Czech-Kyrgyz project aimed at natural hazard assessment and climate monitoring. It lies on the northern slope of Kyrgyz range (western Tien-Shan) in the area of Ala-Archa National Park at the altitude of 3600 m a.s.l. 

The locality is built by a glacier-moraine complex lying at an altitude of 3 400 – 4 200 m above THE sea level. The huge moraine consisting of a few generations of glacial till is about 3.5 km long. The apical part of the locality is covered by a glacier extending as far as the summit of the Kyrgyz mountain range (Kyrgyz Ala-Too).

A few types of lakes originated below the glacier’s edge in the upper part of the moraine. Altogether 22 lakes currently occur at the locality among which glacial, glacial/moraine and thermokarst lakes and lakes partly dammed by a rock bar are most common.

The locality was selected as a perfect place for complex of researches of high mountain ecology and climate. The station will serve as a base for researchers from Kyrgyzstan and worldwide. The station is a small house with space for up to 6 visitors/researchers plus two additional staff personnel. Most detailed information about the locality, station and research program is available on the web site: www.adygine.com

The research program consists of:

- Monitoring of lakes at risk

- Hydrological studies

- Glaciological studies

- Climatological and meteorological observations

- Other investigations (geological, botanical, zoological ...)

The work of the station had been financed by Czech project during first years of operation. Currently, the sustainability of program is dependent on very limited sources from Kyrgyz state budget and outside donors. One of possibilities for funding the program and concurrently to encourage future work in high mountain environments is to include as volunteers as part of our program.

Volunteer program

As volunteer you will help carry supplies and building materials up the station, partake in the improvement of access path, assist with construction of a summer kitchen and shelter as well as participate the research program. All the while you will be taking in the beauty of Tien-shan absorbing the atmosphere of high mountain environment with glaciers and alpine lakes.

After finishing the volunteer work you can participate the mountain treks in Ala-Archa and surroundings designed specially for you at a good price.


Price of volunteer program:

+ one week trek

1 week $ 270 / € 200 $ 500 / € 370

2 week s $ 450 / € 330 $ 650 / € 480

3 weeks $ 600 / € 440 $ 800 / € 590


Price includes:

- Airport pick up and drop off

- Transport Bishkek-Ala-Archa-Bishkek

- Half day training and information session

- Information materials

- Guide and assistance in volunteer work

- 6 days accommodation at the station or base camp

- All meals at the station

- 1 night in Bishkek guesthouse

- Entrance to Ala-Archa National Park .

- Support in booking any further travel in Kyrgyzstan and/or surrounding countries

Besides coverage of the costs above, the money will be used for work and development of Adygine station and its research program. 

Price does not include:

- Air fare

- Insurance

- Visas



Program is open to worldwide participants.

The participant should be over 18, fit for work at high altitudes and mountain conditions.

The participant should bring his own equipment (outdoor clothing and shoes, sleeping bag). Rental of equipment is possible but limited.

The insurance covered the high mountain activities is strictly required.

Execution of volunteer courses will depend on interest of participants. Minimum number is 3 persons.

For 2013, to date are planned 3 weeks beginning on July 1st. The term can be shifted according to the arrival of participants and possibilities. In case of interest of whole group (minimum 5 persons) is possible to arrange special term according to agreement. However, it is necessary to send the request at least 2 months in advance.


The groups of 3-6 persons are welcomed.

Communication languages: English and Russian.

Download flyer :


Michal Cerny: adygine @seznam.cz, in english, russian, spanish, czech

Sergei Yerokhin: erochin @list.ru, in english, russian