ADYGINE 2009-2013

Year 2009

The field research station Adygine finished the first year of operation. Permanent crew has cared the station all the time except of short period during winter when the access path was threatened by avalanches.

On the basis of experience learned during first months of operation, some remodelling of the house and completion of equipment has been carried out.   The solar water heater and the chemical lavatory have been established. The store for fuel and bottled gas has been built at sufficient distance from the house.

The set of monitoring tools has been completed by glacier stakes and 4 thermometers with data-loggers.

The automatic weather station has been established in the Ak-say valley in the vicinity of Ratsek shelter, close to the glacier tongue.

On September 18th the station has been officially handed over to the Kyrgyz Republic . The representatives of involved governmental institutions together with representatives of Czech Government and Geomin company were transported by helicopter to the site. Press and TV crew were present as well.


Year 2010

The operation of the station in 2010 has been still finance by bigger part from the budget of Czech development project aimed at monitoring of hazardous processes in Tien-Shan mountains. Thanks t project recently approved by Kyrgyz government the co-financing from part of Kyrgysztan has been increasing.

The operation has bee maintained during all of spring and summer seasons until the snow-fall in November. Then the station was closed and just occasionally visited for control. Initially, the year round operation was planned but finally was decided on winter break. The reasons are two: The first is the safe of finances because winter operation is more expensive. The second is the security of the crew because the access path goes throw several avalanche slopes and the access for rescue is very limited in case of emergency situation.

During the operation, the development of hazardous lakes has bee monitored and the glaciological and climatological parameters has been measured on regular basis. The showe with hot water (heated by solar panel) has been put into operation so the comfort for the crew and researchers is improved. It is considered as the highest situated hot shower in Central Asia .


Year 2011

In 2011, common operation of the station has been maintained. Although the financial situation was not very stable after political changes in Kyrgyzstan , the group of Sergey Yerokhin managed to keep two projects for financing the work of the station and relate research. The station has been closed for winter again.


Year 2012

Despite of increasing organizational and above al financial troubles of parent organization (State Agency on Geology) the station had been working all spring-summer-autumn season until the snowfall in November.

During August the implementation of “Small Local Project” financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has been carried out. The project was aimed at construction of additional building next to the station, reconstruction of energetic unit of the station and improving of monitoring programme. The building will be served as summer kitchen and dining room. This way we be released one room in the station house which will serve just as working room. The comfort of the facility has been improved considerably.

Within a frame of project supported by NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme aimed at hazardous mountain lakes, part of its programme has been carried out on the Adygine glacier. The thickness and morphology of glacier has been measured by Ground Penetration Radar.

The workshop „Climate change adaptation strategies for areas prone to glacier hazards – the Bishkek case study” was organized by University of Vienna and the CAIAG institute. During the workshop, the group of participants and lecturers visited the station by helicopter.

Financial problems have been increasing at the end of the year due to reorganization at geological Agency and new management is not interested in work of the station.


Year 2013

This year is crucial for the life of the station. Kyrgyz part represented by State Agency on Geology nearly finished the financing and in not interested by maintenance of the station. The discussion with other organizations is currently intensive.